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Tim Browne

Advantage team member - Tim Browne

Tim Browne is a seasoned CTO and technical specialist.

Tim has been working in the technology sector for over 30 years, with a succinct understanding of how technical solutions fit alongside commercial operations to leverage maximum value.

Tim provides expert advisory to our valued client base, and is also happy to roll his sleeves up from an engineering perspective when required!

Tim's care and hyper attention to detail continues at home in Sussex where he can be found tending his much-loved raised beds, or flying his drone, or both at the same time.

Tim is driven by the satisfaction which eminates from delivering the 'advantage' tailored to our individual clients' needs.

Dan Elson

Advantage team member - Dan Elson

Dan is an entrepreneur who has founded many successful start-up investments within the tech and video games sector.

Dan led successful ISP start-ups in the 1990’s and has more recently enjoyed commercial success within the Cloud Infrastructure and IT services & consulting sector. He has worked very closely with co-founder Tim for over 30 years. Dan describes his partnership with Tim as being a perfect fit.

Dan has a love for food and drink. He collects wine and often travels the world on the quest for exciting cuisine. Dan lives in Sussex on a smallholding and farms rare breed sheep as well as maintaining his numerous beehives. Aside from beekeeping, other passions include racing cars, tennis and fly fishing.

Dan is passionate about business start-ups and delivering exciting ideas.

Jonathan Brown

Advantage team member - Jonathan Brown

Jonathan is a seasoned Sales and Business Development leader, having worked in the technology sector for over 30 years – many of them with founders Tim and Dan!

Whilst there has been much change from a technical standpoint over 30 years, what hasn’t changed is the need to truly understand customers’ business needs and operational challenges. Jonathan understands this very well and is skilled in working with customers and supplier partners; to deliver and manage outcomes that delight business leaders and end users alike.

Outside of work, Jonathan is a keen traveller, having lived, worked, and volunteered in Spain, Greece and SE Asia. A big music fan, he loves regularly going to gigs and festivals. Jonathan prides himself with being the World’s Silliest Uncle to 7 nieces and nephews!

Jonathan is passionate in delivering the ‘advantage’ by building community and outstanding account management between us, our customers and suppliers alike.

Neil Ryan

Advantage team member - Neil Ryan

Neil has been working for MSP’s for over a decade, working with both SMB and enterprise clients across a range of industries to deliver bespoke projects adhering to the highest technical standards.

This is based on gaining deep understanding of a business’s requirements to provide the correct solution technically and commercially, while ensuring all regulatory and compliance standards are met.

Neil also provides service reviews and audits, to ensure our customers are maximising the value from their existing hardware and software platforms.

Outside of work, Neil is a long-standing season ticket holder, tech hobbyist and painter.

Quite simply, Neil delivers a high clarity, high bandwidth advantage.

Louise Catley

Advantage team member - Louise Catley

Louise heads up the Advantage Financial Team, with 20 years accounting experience which started at the Royal Ballet School as their Head of Finance.

Louise consequently has been more focused on the technology sector both in video games as well as IT MSPs and Software.

Louise doesn’t miss much, and has a watchful eye on the detail at all times. When not deep in Excel, she will be pushing clients hard in the Gym. As a Les Mills Personal trainer she runs rings around the rest of the SMT.

Louise's energetic financial control ensures a healthy advantage.

Mike Sealey

Advantage team member - Mike Sealey

Mike is here to help ensure nothing leaves the building without it being both the best it can be and to the Advantage standard.

Mike isn't as energetic as Louise, or as entrepreneurial as Dan. He isn't as technologically advanced as Tim, and he believes Neil has chosen to support the wrong sport (no bails, stumps or bats). However he is a specialist at delivering strategic creative communications that reflect the Advantage ethos and market-leading solutions in an engaging, relatable, professional way. Mostly.

Mike is always creating, and is an overactive photographer.

Mike is dedicated to ensuring we communicate our strengths for our customer's advantage.


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