Smart Schools:
IoT Solutions for Education

Using cloud-managed environmental sensors and smart cameras to monitor and keep schools safe and secure.

  • Safeguarding, with Vape detection and video capture
  • Sustainability, with smart power saving
  • Simplicity + scale, with automated deployment


Meraki Smart Spaces

What is a Smart Space?

Smart spaces are created when you apply IT and connected IoT technologies to schools, offices, commercial, public, and restricted areas. Sensors and cameras form a monitoring mesh that enables both automated and human action based on the data they provide.

The Meraki cloud-first platform eliminates the complexity of bringing networking, sensors, and analytics together by providing combined connectivity, security, and Ai-driven analysis into a single pane view - the Meraki Dashboard. Meraki smart spaces are designed as a natural integration into the Meraki WAN, as well as deployment within a non-Meraki WAN as required.

Empower the wider team with the access-defined Meraki Dashboard providing a simplified view that will enable any assigned member to respond - not just the IT department.

Meraki Dashboard

Environmental Sensors

Meraki air quality sensors help ensure a healthy environment for students and staff, especially in classrooms where chemicals are present. With CO2 detection built in, the system can prompt ventilation adjustments to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Networked long-life battery powered sensors that help maintain a safe and healthy school environment.

  • Vape detection
  • CO2, TVOC, and PM2.5 level monitoring
  • Noise level detection
Meraki Smart Spaces

Vape Detection

Vape detection is a highly emotive subject for school safeguarding teams. NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, is calling on the Government to do more to protect children from the dangers of vaping, with a recent survey of 4,000 teachers reporting that 75% believe that vaping has increased.

Meraki air quality sensors can detect vape fumes, triggering alerts for staff response. Integration with Meraki MV cameras provides visual verification through screenshots or livestreams.

Enable prompt and targeted response to school safeguarding and vape policies.

  • Vape fume detection
  • Syncronised video capture
  • GDPR compliant data storage

Vape ban logo

Scalable sensor functionality

Meraki MV Camera

Smart Cameras

Meraki smart cameras integrate seamlessly with the sensors to provide synced up camera footage and alerts.

  • Quick and easy access to footage
  • Security and GDPR compliance
  • Simple, with no NVRs, DVRs

Meraki MT12-20 Door Opening and Leak Detectors

Server Room Monitoring

Protect your IT investments with a suite of sensors for air quality, leak detection, door access, and for power consumption monitoring. This suite ensures a secure environment for your network equipment.

Meraki MT40 Sensor


Use sensors to help your school reduce energy bills by monitoring and managing power consumption. Enable remote control of power status, including the ability to power down devices like laptop carts after charging, or electronic whiteboards when they are not in use.

Meraki MT30 Button

Automation & Custom Alerts

Versatile smart buttons can be programmed for various functions, such as notifying IT staff of technical issues, enforcing exam conditions, or alerting safeguarding teams to behavioural incidents.

Start Smart and Protect™

Let's discover more about your school's commitment to student and staff safeguarding, and explore where networked environmental (vape, noise, air particle) sensors and smart cameras can help improve on the protection currently in place.


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